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Handcrafted museum quality planetariums.

Mechanical restoration service.

Model of the photo: 8 planet orrery with calendar and moon phase indicator (see footnote)

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We will continue with the web under construction for some time.

We are busy working in our current commissions and we regret not being able to make your last minute orders for Christmas (our planetariums are carefully handmade by us to order and we have a long waiting list so we do not have models in stock)

We are simultaneously developing new planetariums and exclusive artisanal celestial globes that we hope to have ready by 2024 along with the new website.

 Thank you very much for your patience.

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Model of the photo: 8 planet orrery with calendar and moon phase indicator


Depicts the motion of the 8 planets of our solar system.

Calendar and moon phase indicator (designed for the southern hemisphere for a client from Australia)

Solid brass artistically designed mechanism with crossed wheels.

Hand engraved brass plates embellished with genuine Swarovskiⓒ zirconias Round Pure Brilliance cutⓒ.

Planets and moons in semiprecious stones.

Wooden pillars ornated with gilt acanthus leaves.

Wooden handpainted and gilt framed relief zodiac plates.

Restorations - repairs